Chris Hemsworth Shows Off His Insane 200-Rep Bodyweight Workout!

Chris Hemsworth’s 200-rep bodyweight workout will help you join the 200 Club.

Chris Hemsworth workout
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Chris Hemsworth’s 200-Rep Bodyweight Workout:

  • Mountain climbers: 200 reps
  • Squats: 200 reps
  • Push-ups: 200 reps
  • Flutter kicks: 200 reps
  • Sit through: 200 reps

The chance to train with Chris Hemsworth is a rare opportunity and I couldn’t pass it up! He’s been sharing a sneak peek of videos on how he spends his time off from filming.

One video shows him working out at home or in this case, aboard the boat where there were 130 reps performed for trainers who want their clients to get serious about building strength without adding bulk through weightlifting exercises such as squats etc

Hemsworth, after a tough workout with the Centr app review here in mind, said “If I don’t get Sea-sickness now this bad boy will certainly do it. We call him The 200 Club! Good luck.”

It’s easy – you need only your body weight and one of our favourite yoga mats to practice on but let me assure you; these are not light exercises that can be accomplished without equipment like barbells or kettlebells (although if we were at home there would definitely have been some old school tunes playing as well).

Bodyweight training is the best form of cardio and strength-building workouts that you can do at home. It’s efficient, effective (I mean who doesn’t want bigger muscles?), accessible for most people without expensive equipment or space in their living room – plus it’s just plain fun!

But did you know there are other ways body weight exercises improve your performance?

What is the Chris Hemsworth’s 200-rep bodyweight workout?

Mountain climbers: 200 reps

Mountain Climbers are a great way to work your legs and arms. Start in a high plank position with shoulders stacked over wrists, tap your right leg towards the left elbow then replace it drive discovered rhythm into both knees by driving them toward the opposite side of the body while maintaining balance – remember not to allow yourself to be knocked off! Once confident increase speed slowly at first before speeding up completely

Squats: 200 reps

Squatting with improper form will not make you strong. On that note, here are the top 10 mistakes people often do in a squat and how they can affect your strength level:
1). Not keeping proper balance while standing up from sitting down on stairs or chairs — This one is easy to recognize since we know what happens when someone doesn’t have a good posture! 2-8 ).

Push-ups: 200 reps

The plank is a perfect place to start if you want your arms and core muscles warm before starting push-ups. It’s also an excellent exercise for building strength in this area because it requires balance, coordination as well as several other weaknesses that people may possess from sitting at desks all day long! With 200 reps of perfectly aligned technique going down under control (and without swinging), one can really feel their chest wall contracting while they’re lowering themselves towards the floor – another great benefit

Flutter kicks: 200 reps

Flutter kicks 200 reps.” Lie on the floor and raise your legs to 45 degrees. Engaging your core, lift the head off the ground while keeping it in a straight line with the back–increasing speed as you go so that both feet are lifted off ground at the same time! Try not to touch down again until after completing the whole set

Sit through: 200 reps

Do you want killer abs? If so, this is the exercise for YOU! 200 reps will really get those muscles burning. Start on all fours with shoulders stacked over wrists and hips directly over knees; tuck your toes while engaging in some core strengthening by contracting them at either their insertion point or around the perimeter (whatever feels best). Then gently lift up one knee off the floor about 1 inch before returning back to start position

Trying Chris Hemsworth’s 200-rep bodyweight workout resulted in an impressive transformation.

But what if you’re not in the mood for an all-out bodyweight workout? What about doing some light intensifications with your weight training, like this 200-rep challenge from home on Youtube. This video is perfect because it allows me to complete each exercise before moving on to another without getting too winded or exhausted!

The five exercises in this workout are designed to be simple and easy so that you can keep your mind on the task at hand. I recommend taking an option if it best suits what kind of fitness level or abilities, like my preference for high rep pushups because 20 reps were too much strain by now during these sessions, but don’t forget about different levels!

It’s all worth it when you make that final leap into failure at the end of each rep. I completed 200 reps in one go for squats, flutter kicks and mountain climbers but alternated push-ups with sit through every 20 so as to keep myself honest – because who knows what could happen if we take our time? And boy does this workout play a long game well: by minute three or four my legs were feeling rubbery enough without adding any more stress than necessary onto them; yet still strong enough come

This intense workout will leave you feeling wrecked after just one round! But don’t worry, if your time is limited and need an extra break in between sets then take advantage of these quick cooldowns so that you can get back on track.

We all have those days when we feel like less than nothing. It’s hard to get up in the morning, it takes effort just to get dressed for work or school – let alone doing one more thing before heading out! But here’s what will make you stronger: an intense bodyweight workout that targets your core muscles with moves from pushups (and their variations) plus squats; uppercuts combined breath runs through them while adding some obliques twist.

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