How to Stop Seeing Reels on Facebook

Are you sick of seeing the same old reels on Facebook?


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How to Stop Seeing Reels on Facebook

Scroll to the bottom of any Facebook post and click on “See First”
Go to your News Feed preferences and choose “Prioritize who to see first”
Select the friends and pages you want to see at the top of your News Feed
Scroll down and find the “Following” section, then click on “Edit Preferences”
Under “Show posts from,” choose “Pages only” or “Friends and Pages.” You can also customize this further by selecting specific friends or pages to see first
Save your changes!

How to Hide Reels On Facebook

  1. Scroll through your Facebook feed and click on the three lines in the top right corner of any post
  2. Click “unfollow” and you will no longer see that person’s posts in your feed
  3. If you want to follow them again, go to their profile, hover over the Following button, and select “See First
  4. You can also unfollow pages by clicking on the same three lines in the top right corner of their cover photo and selecting “Unfollow.”
  5. To see fewer posts from friends and pages you’ve followed, go to Settings > News Feed Preferences > Prioritize who to see first and make sure “Unfollow people I don’t know” is checked

How to Disable Auto-Playing Reels

Facebook’s new “reels” feature is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and videos, but it can also be pretty annoying if you’re trying to scroll through your feed without having the audio blast out at you. Luckily, there’s an easy way to disable the auto-playing of reels.

  • Just go into your Facebook settings and select “Video” from the left sidebar.
  • Then, under the “Auto-Play Videos” heading, select “Off.”
  • That’s it!


Now you can scroll through your feed without having to worry about reels blaring out at you unexpectedly.

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