The No1 Best Way to Use Canva For Education

Using canva for education

You can easily create, collaborate and communicate graphically in the classroom with Canva for Education. Teachers and students in grades K-12 (elementary and secondary) can use Canva for Education account for free. With our tutorials, teachers can make students learn and teach with Canva for Education in a matter of minutes.

What is it?

Canva for Education is free for K-12 teachers and students. Thousands of copyright-free, high-quality educational templates are accessible for students to create projects. You may create your own. Presentations, posters, infographics, worksheets, and project-based learning are all choices for developing educational materials.

Start using Canva in your classroom with these simple instructions.

Canva for education
Canva for education
  • Free and easy instructor registration.
  • Join Canva for Education.
  • Sign up with a recognized educational email domain. Clever, Microsoft, or Google accounts can also be used.
  • Follow on-screen instructions to sign up.
  • Teacher registration is required.
  • Select ID.
  • Use a validated educational email address to log in instantly.
  • Your educational email doesn’t need a domain. If you provide a photo or scan of an approved document, we’ll review your application in 48 hours. In this way, people can download the canva for education download.

Apply for a canva for education account

canva for education

Teachers and other staff members of Qualified Educational Institutions can use Canva for Education for free.

To be a teacher is to:

The primary responsibility of an independent contractor or member of a team working for an educational institution is to instruct pupils who are currently enrolled. GCT and GCE credential holders are eligible to apply for certified Google trainer and educator positions, respectively. If you are a librarian, a learning support teacher, or a curriculum coordinator, you may also be considered a teacher by Canva.

What are Canva Education and Canva Pro?

It’s free for teachers and students in grades K-12 (primary and secondary) to use a Canva for Education account. For you and your pupils, there are thousands of copyright-free educational templates. In this way, people come to know about canva for education vs pro

Canva tutorials for new users

Design skills can be learned using the best tool available to you.

Creating doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Canva makes it simple for anybody to generate fantastic creative assets. Canva is a great place to start. It can help you create everything from social media photos to posters, websites, booklets, multimedia presentations, and more. Canva can also help to create a collaborative design.

It’s easy to start with design tools in the Canva editor because it’s user-friendly. To get you started, the Canva classroom has tens of thousands of layouts. You can use them to understand how different pieces work together to produce visually appealing designs.

Start by creating a Canva account. Next, is the main menu. The Home button always brings you back to where you started. Templates in canva for education contain thousands of customizable solutions for those who desire to create their own designs. You may design using images, icons, print media, and apps. Learn offers blog entries, video lessons, and in-depth courses about design. Pricing discusses for-profit vs. non-profit accounts and how to become a canva pro for teachers.

Sign up.

Dedicated editions of Canva are available to cater to your needs. Find out more about Canva for Education students, Canva for Nonprofits or how to use canva for students. Using Canva, Select the email option on the signup page. To use Canva, enter the email address you’d want to use. Set a strong password. Learn how to keep your account safe. In the email we’ll send to you, we’ll explain how to verify your email address, so please follow those instructions.

Canva For Education Cost:

Normally $9.95 per month, teachers who sign up for Canva for Education receive free access to Canva Pro. More typefaces, images, icons, and folders are all good things.


To begin designing using Canva, all you need are a few essential knowledge points. Remember to have fun when you’re making things. Remember that the Learn option in the top menu has all our learning resources if you’re interested in learning more.


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